Google Plus Vs Facebook & Twitter: Social Media Battle Continues

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Google has recently updated its social networking arm, Google+. I have already written about Google Plus new features & look. Google is definitely pushing hard in promoting Google Plus and it is one of the most successful social networking ventures from Google. It has already tried variety of social networking ventures and none of them could take of the way Google+ has done. Now Google vs Facebook is not new but now it is taking a interesting turn.

Partially it could be due to that fact that Google has integrated Google Plus authorship in their search rankings and that has attracted lots of developers, bloggers and webmasters. As a result, Google+ is fairly successful but it largely remains for business users.  With the recent updates, where Google has given it a completely new look or at least refreshed look with awesome photo editing features, Google is probably aiming at increasing its user base. Features like auto hash tags have also gone down well.

So with these features, how fair it is to say that Google+ is gradually inching towards being the market leader in social networking segment.

Google Plus Vs Facebook & Twitter

In order to be market leaders, it has to beat Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook is the biggest social networking website in the world and it has dominated this space for last few years. Many ventures have come and gone but Facebook remained where it is.

Facebook’s biggest strength is the fact that it is primarily used by people for personal usage i.e. interacting with friends, sharing personal pictures and videos etc. Now when you use something for personal usage and if you like it, obliviously your participation level is high. Due to this high level of activity by its users, Facebook has attracted businesses and bloggers too.

While targeting general population, Facebook has done enough to encourage developers to contribute to it and many make huge amount of money simply by working on Facebook related projects like developing plugins, Facebook marketing and app development. They have also created allied tools like their wordpress plugin to encourage bloggers to indirectly use Facebook.

So overall, Facebook has created a universe for itself where there is a place for everyone. You can use it for fun and you can also make your living by using it.

On the other hand, Twitter has created a niche for itself. It has created a new genre of social networking where 140 characters define the entire human communication. Twitter is the best place to learn, communicate to your peers and listen to the world.

As twitter is also extremely popular due to specific reasons, Twitter has also attracted developers, bloggers and businesses.

Just like Facebook, twitter too provides huge space to developers, bloggers and social media marketing professionals to contribute to twitter and use it for professional purposes. Something like Twitter card is extremely helpful for bloggers to control their content on twitter.

As a result of personal+professional usage, Twitter has grown tremendously.

I am not talking about Facebook vs Google+ vs Twitter because Twitter and Facebook operate in different niches whereas Google Plus overlap both of them.

So how does Google Plus fair against Facebook & Twitter?

Google+ with all that new look and features does provide a boost. Its users have liked what Google+ has to offer but can it extend its gain?

Google+ is yet to garner that mass support which is required to gain some real traction in this industry. It is largely used by businesses, bloggers and webmaster and it has failed to generate buzz among users who want to use social networking site just for fun and personal usage. In fact, it has also failed to encourage developers to participate in it, the way same professionals have shown interest in Facebook and Twitter.

For example, few developers have created wordpress plugins for Google+ but it is nowhere close to the number of people involved in creating Facebook apps or Twitter apps. It is  yet to come up with a comprehensive plugin which can be used by bloggers in comparison of Facebook plugin which provides variety of features and is fairly popular among bloggers.

Now having said, nobody can deny the fact that Google+ seems to be on right track and if they continue to develop this platform, sooner or later they will create a substantial base for self irrespective of its position in comparison of Twitter and Facebook. Google Plus Market Share has been gradually rising and Google Plus Messaging is also getting some traction.

I have kind of liked it and I think every bloggers should use it. What do you think of Google+ Vs Facebook & Twitter?

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