Why Social Media Marketing is Better than SEO

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Social Media Marketing is better than SEO.

If that sounds weird to you, think again. I know, some would argue that social media marketing is now a part of search engine optimization where search engines like Google looks at the social share like Facebook likes, Tweets in the form of social signals.

But there is a difference in your approach when you do social media marketing for improving your search engine rankings and when you solely take on social media as a tool or resource to improve your business prospects.

SEO is imperative even today and nobody can write it off but we need to look at social media in a bigger way than just a subset of SEO.

Social Media marketing World

Social media has taken the world by surprise and I must add to it, “Pleasant Surprise”.

Everybody is on Facebook, all the businesses are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. So the opportunities thrown by the social media is way bigger than mere improving your social signals for some search engine.

If you can master the art of social media marketing then you don’t need search engines because literally, everybody is there and you can drive them to your blog or wherever you want.

Earlier we were using search engines for product reviews whereas while doing that still, we look for confirmation at these social media sites from our friends and family.

By creating a good and attractive Facebook fan page, you can reach out to millions in minutes.

We are living in the age of Viral marketing.

Now as matter of fact, it is not easy to encourage your fans and followers to share and retweet your content but with an appropriate social media strategy you can overcome these hurdles.

The biggest advantages with social media marketing are;

  • Permanent fan following which just require you to maintain your current levels by keeping the engagement levels. There are no panda updates to alter your ranking there or any drop in page rank of your Twitter handler or Facebook Fan page.
  • If you can get your act right on social media platforms, they also contribute to your search engine rankings. So you shoot two birds with one arrow.

Isn’t a great deal?

As this point, I will like to reiterate myself that SEO is still very important at the moment and you need to take care of it. You need to use seo plugins and themes to make sure that your business site or blog remain SEO compliant but this post is geared more towards preparing for future.

It makes more sense because it is even applicable today. So if you can exploit social media marketing space today it will help you enormously, not just in current world but also, in future.

Let’s go through to see why SEO is cumbersome;

  • SEO is slow, time consuming and labor intensive.
  • SEO is not consistent. You may rank high today and may drop tomorrow for same post without any change in your content.
  • You are at mercy of search engines like Google.
  • It could be expensive if you are not using affordable SEO Tools.
  • SEO is extremely competitive based upon your niche.
  • Google panda and other kind of changes in search algorithm can make your life hell. You never know if you lose the rank for your most profitable keywords.
  • SEO require more efforts to maintain your current rankings.

On the contrast, social media strategy is quite simple and effective along with results being quite consistent. As I have mentioned it in earlier part of the post. Let’s go through some of these contrasting features of social media marketing campaign;

  • Likes on your Fan pages are more or less, permanent. There won’t be many fans who will dislike you unless until you become really obnoxious. So changes are quite permanent and they further help in spreading the words about your fan page and web business like blog or eCommerce site.
  • Just like your Facebook fans, Twitter follower also serve as a consistent base of customers who visit to your blog or business site quite regularly and contribute to your business.
  • Similarly Google+ and LinkedIn are also quite consistent in nature, so you don’t have to bother about any panda update or change in your rankings or PR.
  • By using correct social media tools and strategy, you can quickly create a respectable base on social media sites which then replicates on its own. Your existing fans and followers like and Retweet your content which brings in more visitors and customers. Nothing of this short happens in case of SEO.
  • Your fans and followers are your loyal customers like email subscribers who trust you and it is easy to convince them to purchase something from you because of a existing relationship wheras in case of SEO, even if you rank well and someone land up on your site through search engines, conversion would be comparatively low simply because of the lack of a established relationship between you and your visitors.
  • Social media marketing is less time consuming and labor intensive. You can use tools like hootsuite to automate your tweets and roam free. It will do the job automatically.

Similarly, there are many other advantages which social media offers over search engines.

If you are new to social media world or struggling to leave some impact there, then it is better to invest in some Facebook marketing course to get a rock solid start.

And if you are doing well, then it is high time you start focusing more on social media than search engines.

You should still continue to focus on your SEO needs but you should also give sufficient time to your social media campaigns.

Social Media Tools

Like any other form of marketing or activities, you need tools to perform certain actions. Especially in today’s world where things are getting competitive and it’s like “First come first serve”, so early birds always get more help. Today you won’t be considered as early bird because social media has been there for some time but it’s never too late.

So start today and come up with a social media strategy which is customized as per your blog or business requirements. Social media marketing has also got its own challenges and pros & cons but you should not get bogged down because of them.

Social Media strategy requires you to focus on creating a good presence and brand for your blog and business. You need to invest in good social media tools which are often one time investments. You should use these tools to carve out a space for yourself.

I am shortlisted some of the best social media tools which i am familiar with, probably you can use them.

Some of the most important tools to perform well in the world of social media are;

  • Facebook marketing course (currently facebook part is inprogress, adwords is completed and published)– A wonderful program for bloggers and small business owners to design and develop their social media campaign. Read FBInfluence Review.
  • Hootsuite—it is one of the best social media dashboard which can be used to manage your social media marketing campaigns. It could be hard to manage multiple Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Facebook accounts. Hootsuite makes it extremely easy to login from one place and post content to all of your social media accounts in one click. You can also schedule your tweets with it. So you don’t have to site at your computer to do it. Simply upload your tweets and forget about it. Hootsuite will automatically post your tweets based upon your settings. Overall it is the best social media tool available to bloggers and marketers.
  • SEO Plugins— Yoast and many other good plugins are available for wordpress users. These plugins add Facebook opengraph tags and Twitter cards to your post which increases the seo value of your blog posts. So if you are using wordpress, don’t forget to use them.


Your Take On Social Media

Social media is imperative in current world. Whether you are a blogger or small business, you cannot afford to ignore sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. And in case, if you have got a fan page or twitter account but never emphasized upon that the way you have been on SEO. Then I think its high time you allocate some time for it. I know SEO is still very important but if we take out some time everyday and use correct social media tools & strategy, long term returns are going to be simply, awesome.

Please share your comments and share it with your friend if you liked it. Also, please share any social media marketing tools which you think is good enough.

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